Piaggio NRG with Polini Evo 3 Problem

Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by niculaealex21, Apr 18, 2022.

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    Hello guys i am new here , i have a big problem with my piaggio nrc mc3 (AC) , i bought all necessary parts for this project
    -Polini EVO 3
    -RMS Racing crankshaft
    -Top Performance woodruff key
    -Yasuni C20
    -Carb 24MM pwk ( main jet 120)
    -Malossi cluch ( MHR Spring 10kRpm)
    -Malossi reed
    -Malossi multivar 7,2g
    -Athena racing pink spring
    My problem is when I accelerate he stuck at 8kRPM for 3 seconds and then it raising very high rpm 12kRPM and barely moving only with 3 roller (15g) , I tried with (20g) 4 roller but it stuck at 8kRPM , what can I do , please help me !!
    PS: I'll buy blue contra spring from malossi and 6 roller 3,6g malossi .
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