Gilera stalker upgrade help

Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by Denda, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. Denda

    Denda New Member

    Im looking to upgrade my scooters power, planning to buy airsal 70cc kit, i have a stock dellorto phva 17.5mm carb (which im planning to upjet), 6g rollers, and a giannelli extra v2 exhaust, now my question is, do i need to upgrade anything else, like the electrical/ignition system what do you guys think is the best/cheapest setup for getting more power, im pretty new to tuning scooters.
  2. The Messenger

    The Messenger Active Member

    The parts you mention should see a noticable increase in performance.

    You would need to upjet the carb probably about 10 sizes bigger than the stock main jet for the cylinder and exhaust combined, but it is trial and error really to find the correct jet.

    6 gram rollers should be somewhere in the ball park, but again its trial and error... its always best to buy a jet box and a Roller box so you can experiment.

    you will need stiffer clutch springs for the Gianelli exhaust, if it doesnt come with any. you can usually buy a pack of springs with 3 different stiffness springs, and more often than not the medium stiffness are the ones you need.

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