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Sorry mate, nothing like that in here. But if the intake to the airbox maybe needs to be bigger, why not just try a bigger airbox instead? Dec 19, 2014

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    1. Bruno Baragatti
      Bruno Baragatti
      Hello recently I bought a scooter NSC50R Honda 2015.

      Please someone can help, what oil I have to use in this scooter, and what is the difference between gearbox and transmission, I have to use oil on this two parts. Have to use oil in this two part of this motor?

      I've been looking same thing like this.

    2. MARSH
      Hi, would you know if the Piaggio typhoon 125 2t and the Gilera runner 2t stators are the same? the typhoon is white and runner black? I know the flywheels are different degree on the keyway, surely they are only voltage/ ignition generators ! I've got two spare in the shed and both seem to be open circuit on multi meter ! cheers, steve.
    3. GJ7RWT
      Hi Steve

      My email address is

    4. waynesworld
      hi mate hows it going u still doing your bikes
      1. Stevep
        Been mega busy rebuilding one side of my garage and sorting stuff out for the bin. Been absolutely ruthless with getting rid of things. Got no scooters left now. Got 5 or 6 engines to rebuild and paint when i get round to it, plus I bought an XTZ750 Super Tenere that is getting stripped down and renovated soon. Not much chance to get on the site as much as I used to, but sticking my head in now and again.
        Nov 27, 2016
    5. NRG POWER
      Hi it's Harry here, I've got a piaggio nrg power 56 plate, was just wondering what's best to do to it to get more speed and power it's got a power pipe but I was thinking about changing it to a Vince tt or zx, also wanted to add a few other little things if there is anything.
    6. GeorGE Black Rider
    7. Mark Emerson Trentham
      Mark Emerson Trentham
      Hi Steve,

      Guy's just posted up 'questionaire' regarding Aprilia SR50,hope you don't mind,but told him to pm you.think his moniker begins with a.Mk.
      1. Stevep
        No probs, been hellish busy this week, just been popping in and out briefly
        May 27, 2016
    8. scubabiker
      dont suppose you have a derbi senda exhaust kicking around do you?
      1. Stevep
        No sorry mate, I normally only buy exhausts as and when i need them
        Sep 29, 2015
    9. scubabiker
    10. Stevep
      Sorry mate, nothing like that in here. But if the intake to the airbox maybe needs to be bigger, why not just try a bigger airbox instead?
      1. scubabiker
        not so much room to play about with airboxes, wanted to have the standard airbox, from what i understand, the velocity of air into the airbox needs to be equal to or greater than the the air in the intake side of the carb (its 21 or 20mm not sure) does that sound about right?
        Dec 20, 2014
      2. scubabiker
        i will get a thread going and post pics of the space i have to play with
        Dec 20, 2014
    11. scubabiker
      do you by any chance have a book laying around with the formula for working out airbox specs? ive looked in the bell book but nothing in there, need to modify the airbox on my tomos to fit the setup, but everything on it has changed and i have a huge feeling i need to make the intake to the airbox bigger
      1. scubabiker
        gone from standard 50 bore and restricted intake to something like 70cc with a bigger intake and 20 odd mm carb, those uni filters/K&N filters are useless in the weather here
        Dec 19, 2014
    12. Dolly5
      I am from swadlincote near burton on Trent.
      Just want some help with rebuilding it really as spent a fortune on it recently.
      The barrel is ok it's just the piston.
      Have been told I need a new crank as well but this one looks fine
    13. hairyjim
      hi.hi..just got your message from scootsmad.what you looking at wanting for it up for any bits you got for it mate...been looking for a lump for a while to do as a suragate till i get mine tuned and finished..if you dont mind delivering it all and if yer over my way any time (no rush)im in stappenhill.burton on trent..7 kent road..easy to get to off the A38..
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