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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Azzle-Dazzle, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Piaggio Zip 4T
    As im sure you all know, due to the amount of bitching i do regarding my piaggio shit, My glovebox was broke and wouldnt open, I bought a new door which arrived today cause I had to snap the old one to get inside and disassemble the front for painting bla bla bla.

    anyway, the new door is on, but the metal roundy hooky thingy what keeps it locked is snapped, Obviously 'metal roundy hooky thingy' doesn't throw up many results in ebay and i dont know its real name, So i need some ideas on what i can use to manually lock / unlock it.

    I was thinking of a kind of latch, like you'd have on the bathroom door, but this is gonna make my piaggio shit look.......well, shit.

    c'mon geniuses, lets see some imagination :)


    EDIT: Whilst im here, saves me from opening a new thread, Ive painted some scratches on the ped, but you can see where the new paint ends and the old paint begins, it doesnt look so bad, but it will be noticed when i try n sell it.

    Is there any stuff out there that I can rub on to kind of blend the paint in ? Ive tried Tcut and scratch remover, but it didnt make any difference.

    cheers again.
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    What year is your Zip?
    I think you'll find it's called a bag hook.
    And as for the paint problem.............
    1. Paint the whole panel in future, easier
    2. Go to a proper paint supplier, Jawal, or someone like that, get a bottle of G3 and a bottle of G10 cutting compound.
    Clean the panel of all dirt.
    With a wet cloth use G3 first as it is the primary polishing paste, this will leave very minor scratches in the paint, this is normal.
    Follow up with G10, this removes all the minor scratches from the G3.

    If you have one try and use it with the rotating car polisher that Halfords sell. Much easier.
    Don't be too aggressive on the old paint if possible, you may go through the paint to the white panel, circles not lines....................wax on, wax off grasshopper.

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