Your reasons for owning a scooter?

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by tErr0, Dec 4, 2006.


    NRG POWER New Member

    I have a piaggio nrg power I've got a power pipe on my Ped looking to get a new one and also do a few other mods where do I start? I have no clue about peds but need more speed and power just wondering what to do first?

    NRG POWER New Member

    Alright okay I was thinking about getting a gear up kit and stuff like that but I'm not sure wether or not I need to do anything first, my Ped can get up to 50mph just with the power pipe, I don't quite know what to do
  3. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2/Zip 50.
    Sounds like your best option,mate - is to 100% do your research first & not rush into it an balls it up,you'll be more comfortable with sorting your 'ped then,it'll give you greater peace of mind.;).
  4. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2/Zip 50.
    That's one solid looking ride.:).
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  5. Shamgar81

    Shamgar81 Member

    Honda Pcx 125
    My reason is I never desired to drive a car so this seemed like a nice alterative to the car
  6. Bawdy

    Bawdy New Member

    It is, I cruise at 120-130kmh and have hit 170kmh without any worries, all with the wife on the back!
  7. Tamiyacowboy

    Tamiyacowboy Pippa's Owner

    Piaggio Skipper
    My reason, to get me to doctors and hospital appointments and allow me to get out and about , not rely on my oldies or public transport.
    if i can get back into work it will be great to commute with , but at this time its just general things like shops and appointments.

    my heart surgeon was like " oh you got a bike now " with a some what look of horror in his face lol. that look some what changed when i told him it was a little scooter ped not no monster 600cc supersport bike hahahaha
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  8. madmags

    madmags Member

    I've always cycled around London, but I've recently changed jobs and there's no shower where I work now, so using my pushbike for the 10.5-mile trip is not a viable option, and the Tube annoys me to no end.
  9. gilburton

    gilburton Active Member

    Currently own a Honda CN250 , 2013 Typhoon 125 4T and a speedfight2 50lc (derestricted)
    I've always had scooters from the early sixties(I'm old lol) I've also owned large bikes and have a Triumph Bonneville SE and a 650 Dragstar trike.
    All of these are sometimes on SORN or road legal ready to go.
    I use the CN250 for longer distances as it's comfortable.
    The thing about scooters is the ease of use and practicality if you just want to quickly pop in to town and you have the storage for a carrier bag of groceries etc.
    I think every biker should also have a scooter to bridge the gap between a car and a large heavy bike.
  10. Kriskeogh

    Kriskeogh Member

    Days like today

    Finished work and on my way home I took the long way round, up through Ashton and Mossley and into Saddleworth. Opened it up on the A670 and A62 as it's national speed limit so got first real taste of what it's capable of.

    The sun was shining, quiet roads and beautiful scenery and truly loved it.

    It's also shown me how close places are after relying on public transport for years and how amazing it is to gear up and go
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  11. Scootersonholiday

    Scootersonholiday New Member

    F.U.N. I also have a bigger bike, but scooter is more fun.
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  12. Kriskeogh

    Kriskeogh Member

  13. revvingit

    revvingit New Member

    There's so much less to think about.
  14. Rory5

    Rory5 Member

    Parking at work was becoming a problem so I bought the used nsc.
    It’s been great - I can park it in my workplace ( can’t park car in there ) , uses about 2p of petrol a day and my car does 17mpg around town so it’s saving money.

    It’s also great fun and I take it out just for the hell of it. Should have done it years ago !
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  15. Dolores

    Dolores New Member

    It's much, much cheaper than a car, so the price is right.And it gets great gas mileage you can save money. You never get tired or sweaty.Its very helpful like us who are student and also doing job.:);)
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  16. AndreiMadness125

    AndreiMadness125 Member

    Pretty much the same reasons as above here, I love the idea of flexibility, cheap running costs ( who wants to pay half a grand a year to sit in a metal box in traffic around town all day long) Not me, the feeling of being on 2 wheels is totally different and exciting, like getting your first mountain bike, but you aren't then limited to cycling on the pavement (which is what kids do).

    The fact that you don't have to stress to find a parking spot, or that you aren't in any bother if 2 selfish drivers happen to take up a 3-space zone. (my road is a prime example of that).

    I've driven cars for 10 years and to be honest it just isn't what it used to be, I really hope to start riding again soon, if I'm able to get my ped running and road legal again that is.. Used to see hundreds of peds around here when I started driving, never thought much about them, but I guess things change and now I prefer them!
  17. kallisti

    kallisti Only scooting.

    Piaggio Fly 2T 2010
    Reasons for riding a scooter:
    - It's cheap. When something breaks down, I'm usually looking at maximum a couple hundred dollars to fix it.
    - It's small and cute, which means I can park just about anywhere without anyone getting mad, and the cops never stop me (a good thing when you're ruding an illegally tuned scooter).
    - It's relatively safe. I like the thought of the bike not crushing my legs if I lose traction and fall over.
    - All the space. Room under the seat, room in the topbox, grocery bag loop below the seat for floor storage.
    - CVT beats a manual gearbox any day!!!
    - Scooters have a cool history. Just look at the mods in Britain in the 60's. The mod culture is coming back, btw. And look at Vespa's war scooters from the 50's. Brilliant.
  18. Bunty

    Bunty New Member

    My Honda SH 125i is a pleasure to ride.

    Plenty of storage, ABS, 70 mph, easily over 100 mpg to the tank, easy to ride, reliable and great to go touring on with a small tent.

    What's not to like?
  19. Glen e

    Glen e New Member

    It’s just so much easier to take my bike to run small errands, rather than firing up my 300 hp car… i’m no longer touring using big >1000 cc my neighborhood, which is one of the big planned divosta neighborhoods in Florida, so running to the store, the bar, and all the other places I go to see my friends is usually in the same neighborhood. But for the 200 mile trip that I take about every six weeks, it also works fine. All I had to do was add a Puig deflector to the top of the windshield.
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  20. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    What car you got?

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