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Discussion in 'Maxiscooter Tuning' started by Trizzy1up, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Trizzy1up

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    Want to increase speed/ acceleration on the bike. Any ideas how, thanks
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    theres a couple ways Trizzy

    Bore kit = more power and that gives a bit more speed.

    variator change to a uprated version, this is a some what 50/50 you can gain a little extra top speed (not much) and drop accel a little or you can gain more accel and drop a little top speed ie a 50/50 on what way you want to go.

    you could come down very slightly in roller weight to give a little more low end accel but you may loose a fraction on the top speed side of things . normally you would swap out to a high speed variator .
  3. Trizzy1up

    Trizzy1up New Member

  4. Northernerbill

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    Variator roller weights dictate at what engine rpm the variator actuates.
    This is ideally the rpm the engine is most powerful at.
    Yamaha may have slightly detuned this to make it more economical.
    So essentially there is only one weight in existence for your scooter that is correct that will give you both good take off and top speed.
    Don’t ever alter rollers to gain one over the other......your not improving anything just making it worse.
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