Yamaha neos 70.. how fast will it go and is it worth it

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    How fast would my Yamaha neos 2t 50 if I was to buy all this; a stage 6 pro mk2 70 kit, stage 6 sport pro variator, Yasuni r exhaust, stage 6 air filter , stage 6 jets im not sure what size to get id like some advice what size I should get , stage 6 clutch control mk2 new springs, reinforced yms crank,stage 6 reed valve,yss rear shock,stage 6 intake/ inlet manifold ,stage 6 clutch bell,Malossi primary gear up kit, new spark plug apparently I need br9hs for the stage 6 kit but would it fit ?and also stage 6 21m carb
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    Italjet Dragster 70
    with all this youl probably get 70-80 ish max out of it. You may also need to mill the casings to allow the s6 head to flow / fit and ofcorse run this on premix. Whilst the yasuni exhaust is good you may get more power out of a custom pm tuning exhaust as i have a comparason on my 2T engine yasuni vs pm tuning exhaust ( minerelli engine ) and the pm tuning exhaust is the way forward for my setup. Again that would fall down to personal preferance dependant on use.
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    Yeah, I agree you'll be getting 80 if you do that work.

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