yamaha neos 50 2014 (derestriction)

Discussion in 'Scooter Guides' started by charlie23122, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. charlie23122

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    Yamaha neos 50
    hi all I have a Yamaha neos 50cc ped and have just ordered a mid race exhaust, was wondering what else I should do to it to get the most speed out of it.
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    Upjet your carbs main jet by 10% ( if a stock mainjet is 56 your looking at a 10% increase in size so that would be around the 65-66 size on main jet thats giving you a 10% increase )

    check your variator roller weights your looking for around 5g to 6g on roller weights , if they are heavy than that you could find poor pull away and poor hill climb pulling

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