Yamaha Aerox 100cc Setup Advice

Discussion in 'General Tuning' started by Mert Elidüzgün, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Mert Elidüzgün

    Mert Elidüzgün New Member

    Hi fellas, I wonder what is your setup advice about my Aerox 100cc AC. It feels like she some limitations about mods to go for more but ı think she could go much faster. Now, she runs well but ı think ı should do some CVT upgrades like Malossi Delta or Fly Clutch, springs and torque driver. Do you guys have ever did mods on Aerox 100cc AC? What should I do on the next steps? What would be your advice?

    Here are some questions that I want to ask you;

    1. Malossi carb kit comes with 76 Main jet then ı put 95 but still, I don't know if it fits or not. Any advice on that? (I know this is the most boring topic for you guys :D )

    2. Any advice for air filter with this setup? I am planning to buy Malossi E13 or Ramair pod sponge filter.

    3. The stock clutch is about the end. Which clutch should I buy? Options are Malossi Fly Clutch and Delta Clutch.

    4. With Tecnigas Next-R she hits about 8100-8500rpm but I want to go for Yasuni C21. What is your advice?

    Current mods on Aerox;
    • Malossi sport 124cc Cylinder Kit
    • Malossi PHVB Dellorto 22mm Carburetor ( Main Jet 95 )
    • Doppler Venturi Pod Air Filter (Custom)
    • Tecnigas Next-R
    • Malossi Multivar 2000 with 6gr Rollers (yellow contra spring)
    • Malossi Primary Gear Up Kit
    • Doppler Boost Bottle
    • BGM Pro High Tension Ignition Coil
    • NGK BR8HIX Spark Plug

    Keep in safe fellas, respect!
  2. milo2025

    milo2025 Trip to Trumpton

    Hello Mert, sounds like you got a good set-up there. Here's my thoughts for what they're worth;

    1. 95 will fit, but I wouldn't go any higher or it'll be running too rich if it isn't already.

    2. I'd go for the Luftfilter Artek Air Box 28-43mm Schwarz.

    3. Delta clutch is more expensive but I reckon it's worth the extra money and it should last a bit longer.

    4. Go for the C21 if you want more top end speed or the C20 if you want more lower end power.

    Let us know how you get on :)
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  3. MultiGR23

    MultiGR23 New Member

    Hello, I have got a similiar set-up for my Scarabeo 100 2t (they have the same minarelli engine, I don't have the inition coil nor the primary gear and i have a different air filter).
    I suggest you to buy the fly clutch, delta clutch costs more and it's not really easy to set up (I have and it took me longer to set it up than do get a good carburetion)
    I would like to ask you two questions:
    Why the ignition coil?
    Aren't 6g rollers too light? (I have your same 124cc engine and exhaust, and with 9g It's going really good)
  4. Peter N

    Peter N New Member

    How did you go with your setup in the end. Im having trouble myself this is my setup so far.

    Hi need some advise on setting up dellorto or a steer in the right direction. Currently have the following
    • 113cc Cylinder Kit
    • Malossi PHVB Dellorto 22mm Carburetor ( Main Jet 78 )
    • Standard Air box with malossi sniffers added x 2
    • Tecnigas Next-R
    • Malossi Multivar 2000 with 6gr Rollers
    • 6 reed carbon fibre block kit. Race version from the UK
    Ive had it going but finding it very flat to no power has 78 main in at the moment, its also seem to to be high in revs one minute then drop down to 1400rpm & cant get idle to settle, so just trying to get an idea of best setup to start with, any help would be great.

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