Wiring - Replacing Manual Choke with Electric Choke

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by u33db, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. u33db

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    I want to fit an electric choke which I have lying about off an Aerox 100 to my old CW50.

    The CW50 currently has a manual choke so doesn't have the wiring plug for the electric choke. :(

    Is it as simple as taping into an "on-when-the-bike-running" wire to get the feed and also earthing it?

    Do I need to add any fuses to protect the wiring as well?

    Thanks in advance
  2. MARSH

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    Most auto chokes operate on a/c voltage not d/c, most people want manual chokes!
  3. Neil P

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    I have situ started playing with the wiring for an Aerox and we have removed the electric choke..but in testing it and reading up about it..you answered your own question..yes it is just a matter of connecting an 'on when running wire' to the choke unit and the other side to ground..Yes, originally it is AC powered, but that is not relevant, it will work with DC..the choke auto mech is just a heating coil and wax plug..
    Apply current to the coil, wax expands and pushes the choke to the 'unchecked/ un enriched position. it expands slowly, slowly reducing the amount of choke.
    After you remove power, it takes maybe 10 minutes to fully cool down and go back to the choke operating position.

    There is also a two wire control box in the mix too. on the original wiring from the 2013 bike, AC is applied the choke unit via the same AC power tap that feeds the lights. The 'earth of the choke unit goes back into the loom , up to the mystery 2 wire control box (next to the rectifier/ regulator) through the box to earth. Not sure what this potted box does though.
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    The only proviso is that if you are working on the scooter and trying to start it if using DC the choke will come off so probably no amount of kicking will start it.
    Why do you want to change it? Is it an on/off flip lever on the carb top and it's awkward to use?
    You can convert it to cable and have it coming out under the front of the seat?
    One of the drawbacks with an electric choke is that it sometimes takes time for it to come off so the scooter won't run very well for a mile or so.

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