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Discussion in 'Forum News and Announcements' started by tErr0, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    Yet again it was time to change both the look and the back-end of the forum. It's now running on completely new software so it will have a lot more features and run a lot better.

    Over the next few days/weeks there will be quite a few changes and I'm sure there are some bugs to be ironed out. Feel free to tell me any you find.

    I'm sorry to anyone who added anything in the last couple of days. You will have to post what you wrote again. I had originally planned to do it in two stages so we didn't lose anything but the problem was it was so much work to do it twice I had to make the decision to lose a small amount of information.
  2. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    Yay. It looks good!
  3. m1tch

    m1tch Member

    I thought it was just me having an issue lol looks good :)
  4. northrider

    northrider Member

    this might sound stupid but can you still view new posts and youre posts etc...
  5. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    Click What's new?

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