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  1. Spiketeen

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    Hi all I'm building a 172 malossi engine and want to premix in the tank,can I remove the oil pump gear,also do I need to keep the kick start or can all the gear for that be removed
  2. italjetdan

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    Italjet Dragster 70
    You can but in removing this it would allow crud into the engine from where the oil feed goes into the engine. My advise would be to keep the kickstart on a "just in case" sinario or if the starter motor ever fails then this would be detremental.
  3. MARSH

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    Piaggio Typhoon
    Yes you can remove pump etc, just block off oil feed to carb. If you remove oil tank remember to leave sender unit plugged in with level at 1/2 way, it won't run with it disconnected ! I ran a 183 typhoon with no issues with oil pump.
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