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Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by Markuss, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Markuss

    Markuss New Member

    Hello, guys, I am looking for perfectly regulated transmission because when I start accelerating from zero I have very slow 0-5mph and then it just opens up and goes normally. What rollers and springs I should use?
    My setup:
    Dr. Evo 70cc
    Dellorto 17,5 carb
    stage 6 sport pro variator with 5g rollers
    Malossi delta clutch with Malossi white clutch springs(4000rpm) and red torqdriver spring
    Malossi wing bell
    It's very annoyingly when I lose in drag because of that shitty start
    Please help me
  2. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Try different clutch springs and see how it feels?
  3. Markuss

    Markuss New Member

    I tried stronger springs, didnt felt any difference, I am just wondering maybe someone else know spring and roller setup for my setup
  4. Rickard Pingol

    Rickard Pingol Active Member

    Sorry cant give you a straight answer. Maybe this video could sort it out. And maybe the reason to why chainging the clutch spring didnt seem to make any difference from scooterswapshop:
    Simply put. Might be to heavy rollers making the clutchbell spinning into higer gear before the clutch engage. But id get a wide assortment and dedicate a few hours, and just try different. Rollers. Clutch. Springs and contra springs. Until you found the sweetspot you looking for
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