Started to clean up my cvt cover

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by Cockers, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Cockers

    Cockers I hate speedfights

    Well today I was bored and knew I needed to polish up my cvt cover before I sold my scooter as it was in discusting condition!

    With only a wire brush and one piece of fairly used 1200 grade sand paper I set away!
    What a pain! only managed to get a little bit done before the sand paper had the same characteristics as an a4 piece of plain paper!

    So going to my dads at the weekend going to get it finished up as he has bits an pieces to go on the grinder!

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  2. technodimwit

    technodimwit Active Member

    Honda X8R
    remember to take a large tin of elbow grease,,,,,,,,
    they can look very good polished then laquered.:)
  3. Cockers

    Cockers I hate speedfights

    I'm gonna put some work into it, just enough so it looks presentable when it comes to sell the scooter!

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