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    I'm looking to spray my panels a matt black colour, could anyone who knows about spraying or has done this before help me out with what type of sandpaper to use to sand the panels down .. any help would be appreciate .. Cheers
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    Wet sand panels.

    it depends on how deep any scratches are, usually if they are pristine panels and we are just colour swapping we will give them a wet rub down with a very fine 1500 grit paper, just to make a good key for the primer to bond to wipe them down to get the fine rubbings off, then we would shoot the primer - shoot the colour - then finish with a clearcoat (3/5 layers light dusting )

    deep scratches we would first clean the panels, then body fill them and sand to a smooth finish, once thats done its a primer coat - then shoot the base or colour coat, and again its a 3/5 layers of a find dusting of clear coat.

    things like orange peel can if its in the clear layer can be rubbed out with a fine grade wet sand, then buffed with a good finishing compound to get that ultra shine back.

    on a pristine panel all we want to do is remove the shiney layer to give us a key for the primer to grip. so its a fine paper like a 1200 -1500 to make that surface a dull white'ish look , we are not looking at removing that colour coat just the top shiney surface

    on a scratched up panel we will need to remove those deep scratches, all painters have there own way of prepping but a multipack of wet and dry is a good place to start.
    rub down with say a 400-600 grit, then wipe down and rub down again with a 800 grit, you could even then wipre down again and rub down again with something like a 1200-1500 grit.

    deep scratches that do not rub out will need to be body filled and sanded out flat for the best finish. thing is the more time you spend in prep work the better that paints going to lay and that final look will be ;)
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