Speed Fight 100cc Running Rough

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Compo, Mar 30, 2024.

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    Hi Lads,

    Picked up a none running 2007 Speedfight 100cc for my lad getting it ready for his 17th. Mk1 oe Mk2 ?

    So far ive fixed the Electric Start and Kick start.

    Bike start wont really idle and dies.

    It has some kine of sports exhaust on it although ive no idea of the make and it came with 2 carbs neither even after been cleaned get the bike running as it should. And a cone filter on the end of the carb. Hate those wish i had an airbox.

    Carb 1 is a delorto and is marked XK15.418.a. Is this the stock carb or just some random carb thrown in the box of bits the bike came with ?

    Carb 2 seems to be this


    Can this work on a Speed fight 100 ?

    Seems to have 2 vacuum connections below the throttle slide top and as far as i can see the speed fight 100 does not need them.

    Main Jet is 95
    Piolet Jet is 60

    Bike will start and run rough as hell and wont rev with that carb.

    And advice on jet sizes or thoughts on this carb on the 100 ?


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