sorting starting problems on peugeots and yamahas

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  1. scubabiker

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    ok a quick guide to sorting starting problems out for gurtner and dellorto carbs.
    it seems a common problem "help my speedfight takes forever to start" or "my jog wont start its got fuel and spark"
    as i work as a motorcycle mechanic, i see this problem a lot.
    first things first, get a NEW plug
    the old one has had it, they dont cost a lot and its peace of mind.
    next, take your carb off.
    on a speedfight, take your seat out (and viva citys too)
    on a yam, take your airbox off (you dont need to take the carb off on these)
    then take your float bowl off.
    this is where the magic happens
    there is a tube in your float bowl where the choke draws fuel to start, this is where the problem is
    spray some carb cleaner down this tube, then blow through it with an airline. then spray carb clean through the choke curcuit (from the front of the carb, and up from underneath) stick your carb and stuff back on.
    it should start much better now, if you still have problems change your autochoke
  2. NayMau5

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    Peugeot Speedfight2
    thanks Ill try this on my speedfight as it starts but its very tempermental and when the engines cold to start it I have to roll abit whilst trying to start it!
  3. scubabiker

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    one more thing, there is a kind of recall on the float bowls on jogs/aerox's/neo's if yours is the kind where you push up the pipe to drain it, its the old type, they changed the part for a kind with a drain screw, as the push up ones leaked, check you dont have this float fitted before going through the above guide as that could be the whole problem
  4. Mark Emerson Trentham

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    My Gurtner's working o.k. or at least was.... Not otr again,yet.;).,
    any problems,my 1st thought is to thouroughly clean ALL of it,to be sure.,
    got my plugs sorted very early on,as lotta start/stop..short-hops with my riding, bulk buy via a couple of doubles.:) .
  5. sean85730

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    Pulse lightspeed 2
    Brilliantly useful information, :D

  6. Steve D

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    Great info, this is where I'll start at weekend, thanks
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