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Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by wobbly_trials, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. jj180

    jj180 Active Member

    Mrt 183/Vespa 300
    jsut to stay on topic a bit psn shop on ebay which is called delirium scoots deliver fast also within 2 days just opened me bros malossi airfilter n inlet
  2. rossmofo

    rossmofo New Member

    gilera Ice ZX7R
    :nerd: Delirium got my exhaust to me overnight. they must have arranged delivery as soon as they got off the phone.
    Big carb and other goodies next me thinks...... :drool:
  3. Aerox Aaron

    Aerox Aaron New Member

    I must of got some serious abd luck then, i ordered my bore kit and carb from scooter attack took a week and a half :/
  4. alperin

    alperin Active Member

    aerox 180cc
    u have to check stock before you order
  5. runner 180

    runner 180 New Member

    donotlink-pedstop took two days after ordering my belt and variator, springs etc
  6. Jamie

    Jamie Active Member

    xt660x, 200sx s14a
    donotlink pedstop - 2 working days for my piston and rings kit and a full topend gasket set.
  7. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    donotlink pedstop... 4 days. Ordered at 1pm and it took them 2 days to post it out. Of course next day delivery when they finally did.

    SA - 4 days. They really could do with telling you that they have sent it though.

    SIP - 4 days. Amazing service like always and constant updates on your order.
  8. shiny red

    shiny red New Member

    it does stick in the teeth a bit but pm are normally next day but if you get a problem they are useless,dont even bother phoning them(terrible customer care)but if you want something quick works for me :emb:
    but got to be said scooter center are cheap and good if you dont mind waiting for 3 to 4 days then perfect?euro sites allways win?
  9. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    As for SC... I've had orders come anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks.

    At the mo they wont even let me buy off them... Either want me to bank transfer or paypal them without even checking that as an option. They can fuck right off.

    PM can be quick if they have the item in stock which you have no idea of until you make the order and realise it hasn't turned up. I've been lucky the few times I've ordered as they have had stuff in stock.

    Shockingly bad customer service like shiny said. Gotta love the snappy pipes too. :confused:arc:
  10. capri dave

    capri dave Active Member

    My fave scooter shop is S.A at the moment, brilliant informative web site, pretty quick delivery usually 3 to 4 days....and parcel tracker facility once youve placed your order, so you know exactly which hub your parcel is at at all times ;)

    donotlink ped stop...used these a few times for little things like rollers and springs etc,
    prices for bigger things arent very competitive....but delivery is 2nd to none, takes about 2 days usually and 1 or 2 things have arrived next day ;)

    scooter center....these used to be my faves but ive fell out with them lately, dont know if its just me but the web site seems confusing to navigate and placing an order is a bit hit or miss, you cant pay by debit card for some reason like S.A, S.C insist on paypal which works out expensive once paypal have took their cut :(

    P.M tuning have their critics and i partially like them, web site is good and easy to navigate, They used to be very expensive but are improving on a lot of things price has been said before if its in stock delivery is good...but if you have to phone them expect a grumpy northerner to answer, who sounds disinterested in your custom....I once phoned to check an item is in stock, as its impossible to tell on the web site....P.M"s answer was "i expect so" :unsure:
  11. Miyo

    Miyo New Member

    Scooter-Center IS A JOKE!

    I ordered and paid on saturday... it is now friday and still nothing. I received an email like 30min ago from paypal saying my payment has gone through and that they are still waiting for Scooter-Center to accept the!?!

    They also said the funds could take up to 7-9 days to successfully go through... and that there is a possibility that Scooter-Center might wait for it to clear...

    So your telling me it will take 2-3 weeks?

    Update the list mate..... - ordered some stuff on saturday aswell... still nothing. Got an email today from them saying that they have NOW (today) sent the items.... another shit site. - Irrelevant to this topic but still waiting for my helmet nonetheless.

    PMtuning - Ordered in the morning... received the next day, so VERY good... but not cheap.

    Mostly bad... scooter-center I'm disgusted with.

    sigh :rtfm:
  12. Crana

    Crana Active Member

    Scooter-centre but its always out of stock of things when I want them and was about 4 days for me and scooter-attack I ordered main end bearings on friday and they came today (Tuesday) so not too bad, box was messed up really bad tho
  13. alex8r

    alex8r New Member

    Ordered a pipe from and tomorrow will be a week, not too impressed at the moment. Suppose its a foreign delivery though :wtf:
  14. DYS VTR

    DYS VTR New Member

    skanky cRaKwhoR3s
    PM 70kit came next day
    donotlink xpro 2 days
  15. WOLFFY

    WOLFFY New Member

    Runner 172
    PM have good delivery if in stock but as others have said customer service is shite.

    Sip-scootershop is brilliant. Would reccomend to any one. Great customer service, not too expensive and good delivery times.
  16. JaMeZ

    JaMeZ New Member

    glad that people say sip is good, yeah i thought there stuff and prices were very good.
    i ordered today so ill let ya know when it comes :D
  17. RojAEROX

    RojAEROX New Member

    donotlink pedstop - next day on my cylinder kit, i wasnt in though but the postage company left me a note to go on their site to sort it out. i arranged for them to come the next day and they did so was happy about that. good customer service aswell. bought a manual and gasket off there today
  18. JaMeZ

    JaMeZ New Member

    yep SIP 3 days i really like that website plus the constant updates are good
  19. Nrg-Sam

    Nrg-Sam Active Member

    easyparts took weeks with my first aerox parts order, once they had all the bits they said they sent it, 2 weeks and nothing... emailed them, sorry was mistake...

    sent them and i got them a week later i think? the aerox undertray i ordered was a wierd one later established as an mbk booster undertray...

    i emailed them saying are you taking the piss, send me another one now... yes of course...

    sent another fucking mbk booster undertray :wtf:

    email them again

    yes send them back to us and we'll see the problem. me- well ok what day can you arrange the courier. them- please deliver via national mail service and we will credit your account with money when recieved.

    left it in the end as i couldnt be arsed with it, easyparts is shit
  20. james

    james Member

    The three places i use most that have the best times for delivery are

    donotlink ped stop..Always next day or two days max...

    Psn day...

    Pm tuning i have always had my stuff the next day or by the second day but i always fone up and check if it's in stock before going on line to buy the goods...Think first?..

    Infact orderd some parts from pm and donotlink this week and all parts came next day.. :D

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