Repainting piaggio zip 50 bodywork

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by Typh70., Jul 26, 2017.

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    i have a piaggio zip 50cc 2015 and it has some scratches that have peeled the paint off on the rear plastics. How could i re paint this, which sandpaper and paint is suitable?
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    hiya typh

    it depends on how deep scratches are. if they are deep you may be better off using a plastic filler and sanding that down to a nice flat surface , what we mean by flat in painters terms is a nice smooth finish, no little pits of humps .

    paint wise : acyrilics for plastics, first you want a plastics primer this eats into the plastic to give it a good surface for paint to stick to. then most automotive acrylics will be fine .

    sandpaper : we would tend to use wet and dry sandpaper and in steps upwards to a finer grit, so you would start with maybe a 800 grit paper then work up to a 1000 grit, then a 1500 grit and the final sand would be a 2000-2500 grit paper. the 800 grit will leave scratches behind ist used to take down the surface, then the 1000-1500 grit thats used to remove the 800 grits scratches it puts into the panel, and the final finish paper thats a very fine course 2000-2500 grit that removes any scratches the 1500 leaves behind and gives you a nice keyed finish ready for your paint work colour coat to go onto.

    the key to a good paint job is prep work the time you spend getting that surface nice and flat and lovely and smooth is key, then its skill in laying down the paint. if your somewhat new to spray work its best to grab an old spray can and have a practice , spend to much time on an area with the spray you get runs or orange peel effect, to little time and you get a speckled hen look where the paints perfect in one area but thin and translucent in others.

    once you have the main colour down you leave it for around 15 mins and no longer than 20 mins then you whack on a fine spray of clearcoat, thats gonna seal in the clolour and protect it from dings and scrapes. you do your first clearcoat leave it no longer than 15 mins then hit it again with a light coat. rinse and repeat this upto 5 times, for a novice 2-3 clear coats is fine .

    always remember time spent on prepping the surface getting it flat level and smooth is key, then its just throwing down that colour and that clearcoat. once done its gonna be atleast 24hrs before you can put that pannel on the scoot and its gonna take upwards a week - two weeks for it to be fully cured, DO NOT wax / polish the new paint job for atleast 3 weeks to a month , yes wash it with soap water But do not wax or polish it let it harden up fully for a month then polish /wax it to your hearts content

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