Piaggio NRG engine case painting

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by charlie_o, May 26, 2011.

  1. charlie_o

    charlie_o New Member

    hi everyone just a quick question

    i need to paint the case that covers the drive belt and the variator up i think its called the engine case but im not too sure :banghead:

    my question is what paint or spray can i use to paint it, does it have to be heat proof paint ?, also do i have to sand the engine case over then spray it ?

    any advice will be great :good:
  2. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    It's the transmission cover.

    Best thing to do is to strip the cover of it's powder coat using nitromors or some paint stripper similar.

    You will then have to give it a sand down to remove any last bits of paint stripper and give something for the paint to stick too.

    You then should use some sort of etch primer and then paint it with pretty much anything. VHT (very high temp) paint is more sensible but is supposedly not needed. I'm yet to try this out myself.

    Best thing for durability however is to get it re-powder coated as this lasts for a very long time and can take lots of abuse such as your foot kicking it when kick starting the bike.
  3. spud

    spud New Member

    cheers terro youve helped me out as well nice 1 mate
  4. lshigham

    lshigham Member

    Normal paint survives fine on the CVT cover, it's not the strongest so I would echo Terro in saying get it powder coated.

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