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Discussion in 'Newbie Scooter Tuning' started by Anarchy77, Oct 19, 2019.

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    hello readers. i have a CPI GTR 150 scooter. it has a water cooled GY6B 149cc engine. was tinkering with it and did a few upgrades. free low exhaust. performance belt. bigger sliders. was using a 30mm Hoca Carb instead of the stock 28 mm carb and it worked well until that carb needle broke and i couldnt get a replacement. got a nibby slide c arb, 30mm but cant get the jetting right. any idead on size of jets to work at all. now on 32 pilot / 108. tried 32/ 100 cause the stock was like 40/ i can't remember but wasnt working at all and my lil research said that was for 250cc. help please. thanks.
  2. milo2025

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    I'd go for 45 / 110 on the 125cc as this should eliminate problems with idle and midrange.

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