Need advise on setup for Dellorto PHVB 22mm on Yamaha BWS100

Discussion in 'General Tuning' started by Peter N, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Peter N

    Peter N New Member

    Hi need some advise on setting up dellorto or a steer in the right direction. Currently have the following
    • 113cc Cylinder Kit
    • Malossi PHVB Dellorto 22mm Carburetor ( Main Jet 78 )
    • Standard Air box with malossi sniffers added x 2
    • Tecnigas Next-R
    • Malossi Multivar 2000 with 6gr Rollers
    • 6 reed carbon fibre block kit. Race version from the UK
    Ive had it going but finding it very flat to no power has 78 main in at the moment, its also seem to to be high in revs one minute then drop down to 1400rpm & cant get idle to settle, so just trying to get an idea of best setup to start with, any help would be great.

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