Malossi c one engine build problem

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    Hi I need help with a couple of questions.

    1 I have got polini secondary gears with original piaggio zip primary gears but the gear shaft are different size for the malossi gear cover bearings. Will polini primary gears fit the new gear cover bearings.

    2 IV discovered that the c one block does not allow the original external rotor to be fitted seems only an inner rotor can be fitted. Problem with inner rotor is that it doesn't allow light circuit to be powered. I can't find anything to fit that will remedy this.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    1) The malossi gearbox cover requires ALL malossi or "overdrive" gears. They advertise as fitting with "standard" gears/ratios but that is false. The secondary gear is physically too large to even fit in the cover. Also the cover is for the 2nd gen gear sizing 2000ish and newer ( does not work for first gen et2/zip piaggio engine). Which have a different size "2nd" (or idler) shaft.

    2) I have seen an inner rotor kit that has lighting coils,... I want to say it was stage 6 or MVT. You would still have to a adapt the mounting to the c-one
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