is it hard to fit a 70cc bore kit

Discussion in 'Newbie Scooter Tuning' started by aeroxthrasher, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. aeroxthrasher

    aeroxthrasher New Member

    im just wondering how hard is it to fit a 70cc bore kit and is there any instructions to fit one? its the polini aluminium sports kit
  2. alexsr70

    alexsr70 New Member

    ok, a few things

    1) If you have to ask then i really wouldn't reccomend you fitting it, it is fairly simple but no mistakes can be made and most novices tend to do this. e.g. pistons wrong way round, head nuts overtightened/undertightened, dropping shit into the crankcase and ive also seen someone leave the 50 piston on and put the 70 barrel around it!

    2) Its not an alluminium sports kit, its either a sport kit (Iron) or a mid race which maybe alluminium.

    3) There are some sites out there that can help, a few have been posted on here so hit search or even check the links section.

    4) The best ' instructions' ive seen are in the haynes manuals, they have clear pictures and expanations and also give you required info such as torque settings.
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