I'm new. Looking for electrical advice for a piaggio fly 125

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    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I have signed up for a little advice relating to my piaggio fly 125.

    I bought it off a cowboy for £800 only to find that it had a few problems that where not apparent at the buying stage.

    After I bought the bike the battery died within a couple of hours. I rang the guy who sold me the bike now he basically told me to funk off.

    I nearly did. But instead I got down to solving the problem.

    I 1st bought a new battery and a charger and took the bike out for a few hours and the same thing happened. So I bought a multimeter and took readings.

    The readings indicate either a bad R/R or a bad gen but I've not stripped the panels yet to test them. I'm hoping a more experienced mind may shed a little light on the actual problem which is why I am here. Would you say these readings show a bad reg/rec or a bad gen/stator. It could just be an earthing issue also.

    But from these readings what would you suggest.

    The bike is a 2010 piaggio fly 125 with 10k miles on clock

    Bike off: 12-13v
    Bike on: 12-13v

    Bike idle: 11.4v
    Bike revving 1-4k: 11.4v no change

    What do you think guys

    Thanks for any info.
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    I had a fly 125 with the same issue, after hours trying to find the problem turned out to be the wiring loom had corroded under the footboard/legshield panel where a bunch of wires all join together. I just pulled it all apart cut out the corrosion and re soldiored. All good then.
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