How many miles is considered 'ALOT' for a moped?

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by Leighton, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Leighton

    Leighton New Member

    Hi guys,

    General question, How many miles do you think an average 50cc scooter could last in its lifetime?

    My bikes done 15k Miles but still feels dead nice to ride.

    Would buying a later engine make it live longer or is it the other parts that die aswell.

    Cheers buds!
  2. scootzmadness

    scootzmadness Left the forum.

    it really depends, on the owners and how well its been looked after.
    ive had scooters with 20k on them, 30k and one of my old ones is still buzzing around with 60k on it (used for delivery now)
    if theyre looked after and theyre good makes then theres no saying on how long it can last, just keep ontop of maintenance etc. mines currently on 6900km according to the clocks, but it had a complete engine change at 22,000 miles and had the clocks done too. so its done about 25k miles really.

    eventually every part dies off but the beauty is. almost everything can be replaced. just not the frame and even that can be welded sometimes.
  3. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2.
    Go with what you have,be thankful it's fair-sorted now,fix it when it breaks?. :) .
  4. Gemma

    Gemma Captain Spooky

    VT 500 E
    I'ts Triggers Broom!

    As Scootz says depends on the history, you could have a dog showing 30k that's been thrashed to death and never maintained, or a peach with 40K running a new barrel and piston.

    My son's ped is coming up to 30K, though I'm doing some work on it more for longterm reliability it runs and rides really nice.
  5. _Rennur_

    _Rennur_ 2-stroke or no stroke.

    10,000 Miles for a 50cc 2-stoke.

    Beyond that I would expect engine work to be required. Also I would say a lower number if it's been tuned depending on the quality of the work.
  6. AeroxSteve

    AeroxSteve Rox rider

    Well my ped has done over 20,000 maybe even 30,000 I don't know cause I haven't got the original dials on it but my bike runs sweet
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Old School Biker

    2007 TKR WRC 50
    I put 27,000 miles on a Yamaha V70 in two years, doing 52 miles per day on a round trip to Wigan and back from where I live. I expect the bike couriers to say "Pah! That's nothing!" by comparison. I wonder how many miles the 'Takeaway Riders of Doom' clock up on their scooters in a year?
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  8. turbovetto

    turbovetto Well-Known Member

    tweaked ovetto
    both my scoot and gf's scoot have more than 40'000 km. But neither has any original bearings/ parts in the motors. This is the thing i like about them. Unless the actual engine case is buggered, they have essentially unlimited mileage. there is nothing that cannot easilly be fixed/replaced.
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