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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Joel Hayes, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Joel Hayes

    Joel Hayes New Member

    Hi. New here!

    Got my son his first bike.

    Lexmoto Matador. 125cc. Automatic. 2015. All in perfect working order.

    He’s 19, so naturally, he has lost his keys.

    His bike was parked up around 50 miles away, no way of getting it back. Stranded.

    So I have hot wired the bike, managed to bring it back to our garage. The first time I got wired the bike it was fine to bring back.

    Now I am trying again. The lights come on fine. The ignition starts, but it stops just short of starting the engine, it keeps turning over and over, but it doesn’t seem to be starting the engine, after a few minutes of trying the battery dies.

    I have charged he battery twice over night.

    I have no clue on this subject, only from YouTube and this forum.

    Could it be a case of buying a new battery? Or a new spark plug?

    The key issue I’ll deal with once it can actually drive.

    Thanks I’m advance.
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  2. MARSH

    MARSH Whooooo!

    Piaggio Typhoon
    Are you using throttle while starting?

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