Help!!! - Yamaha 50 aerox Rossi

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by amandamac, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. amandamac

    amandamac New Member

    I need help on where i can get parts for this. i need all the plastic bits for it including the footboard but not where the light bit is. i dont know if im being thick but need the plastic that goes round the bottom of the bike under the foot pedal bit and the battery cover etc. will a 10pc panel kit do this?? they dont tell you what it will do.and i dont know where to get parts from - novice i am!!! :(
  2. RelentlessDan

    RelentlessDan New Member

    no, a 10pc panel kit is normally the exterior panels that are coloured
    you wish to replace the black panels where you would place your feet etc if i am correct?
  3. mbk3dga

    mbk3dga Member

    aprilia sr R
    check on ebay there is some cheap second hand ones from breakers

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