Getting the max out of a 50cc 2 stroke ZIP?

Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by Nicholas Mladenovic, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Nicholas Mladenovic

    Nicholas Mladenovic New Member

    I have a fastrider engine on my zip. I got it with stock 50cc cylinder , 12.5mm carb and stock exhaust. It didn't have a good top speed and i also f*ked the cylinder putting a sport exhaust on it without putting a bigger carb or upjetting. Anyway that was before i knew anything about scooters, so then i got a 70cc dr evo kit, fitted a 17.5 carb with 72 jet. It went nice, nothing to good. Anyway now i use this scooter daily most of the day and it drinks a lot of gas. Then i put a stock exhaust and down jetted a little bit. It still drains gas. I remember on the 50cc with 12.5mm carb it didnt use a lot of gas and was perfect. So i'm wanting to put back 50cc cylinder and a 12.5mm, my question is how to get the max out of this (what jet, etc.). THanks.

    I know ill probably get hate on my post but im not too experienced, so yeah if anyone can help thanks.
  2. Sam phantom

    Sam phantom Active Member

    No hate here, well maybe the odd member but they usually get shot down fairly quickly lol. Welcome Nicholas.

    Bit of a trail and error with the jetting as they all come out the factory with different jets any way

    To get the most out of a 50cc get your self the Malossi mutivar and a nice sport pipe you should be seeing a good 50mph and the mutivar will get it there efficiently as possible, it’s the best bang for buck on a standard 50cc!
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  3. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    As above, there is no magic jet number.
    If you are running without the standard airbox you will be guzzling gas faster than my camaro, they run a lot better with one.
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  4. Mark Emerson Trentham

    Mark Emerson Trentham Well Known Member. Staff Member

    NSC110/ ET2/Zip 50.
    Whip your plug out occasuonially when your experimenting.
  5. Matic1234

    Matic1234 Member

    Get a malossi multivar and a original runner 50cc exhaust or sito plus.

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