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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by splintg, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. splintg

    splintg New Member

    anybody knows how the fuel pump works on a typhoon 125 some photos of how to connect it will be nice as its not connected on my scoot i meen what tube goes where?????? please help

    sorry for my bad english
  2. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

    MiNoR cOnFuSiOn Administrator Staff Member

    et2 monster
    ill dig out a nice pic from somwhere (there kind of hard to find as the one in the manual is crap and the parts catalogue even worse)

    basicly, theres a pipe that goes from the engine under where the inlet is, this goes to the centre of the fuel pump and drives it, then there is a thick and thin hoes on the rear tank, the small hose goes from the tank to the fuel pump and then to the front tank itself.. the thick pipe goes straight to the front tank and there is a return pipe (only black one) that goes back to the top of the rear tank, all sounds quite confusing actually.. anyone got a decent pic save me looking? (im sure you have a real pic of yours terro)

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