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    Before posting in the Wanted section you must have been an active member* for more than 1 month and have a post count above 100.

    If you do not have the required post count you can donate a reasonable amount and you will then be allowed to post in the Wanted section.

    Spamming other sections WILL NOT raise your post count as your posts will merely be deleted and you may be banned.

    *You become an active member when you make your first post.

    If you do not meet these conditions yet AND still post in the Wanted section, your ad will be deleted!

    Remember this section is based on TRUST so always think twice before sending any payment.

    If you would like your topic to be locked to stop spam then just say so in your topic or PM an admin or moderator..

    PLEASE NOTE: The Scooter Shack admins hold NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything bought, sold or advertised here, use this section at your own risk, we advise you not to post phone numbers or addresses in this section, do that over msn or via email.
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    RD350, SR125, ICE125
    I'd just like to add this for the wanted section:

    List the part you want and the bike you want it for in your title (obviously if you want a part for your bike) keep them sensible people, saves people opening it who haven't got the part, then they end up spamming the topic.


    Aerox 50 standard exhaust

    rather than just:

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