fiberglass. anyone ever used it to repair fairings?

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by Worgazkid, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Worgazkid

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    SKYJET SJ125 (CBR)
    I was just wondering about using it really, the problem i have is i am missing a bit of the fairings around the petrol tank. and was thinking about repairing it with one of them fiberglass kits instead of paying for a new fairing... so is it easy to sand down and paint to blend in with the rest of the bike and is it strong??
  2. Gamble

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    Not advisable if you haven't done it before. Depending on the bike and how important it really is, would either look for a replacement (Second hand?), not bother or try to find someone who knows how to do it.

    It's one thing to 'repair' a fairing using a method like this but to fabricate something that'll look like a standard part is quite another.
  3. J4CK

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    Piaggio NRG 172
    I know someone who sells cheap stuff for piaggio's but not im not gonna guarantee he's got what you need and its also alot better that paying around £125 for a side panel from piaggio o_O !
  4. bandyleg

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    Second that i used fiberglass for a good few years at work day in day out! It gets every where and in short no its not easy to sand or work with and to re build something is far from easy unless u are very capable or talented, it would be an easy enough job to get it somewhere near but a total different kettle of fish to get it looking right.

    I would get yourself on ebay and find a second hand one, by the time u spend money on fiberglass filler rubbing blocks aluminium rubbing paper in 40 80 120 240 320 grades u would have spent more than u would just buying a second hand panel, Unless u have 2 or 3 panels to have a go at lol Good luck either way as u only learn by trying!
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    where you from i can help?

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