Clearing out some new and used stock off my shelves

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Stevep, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Having a little clear-out, drop me a pm if you want any of it.
    Thought it might be better here first to the members.
    Any postal costs will be just that, the cost of the posting, I don't make profit from post and packing.
    There is loads of other stuff like rollers and belts, sports clutch/variator kit, Torque springs, cdi's, water pump repair kits, head bearings, crank bearings and seals, front master cylinder and brake levers, head gasket sets, fork seals, aerox belt cover gaskets, speedo cables, ignition switches, starter motors, complete looms etc.
    If you've anything in mind, give me a shout and I'll have a look, see what I can find for you.

    Piaggio Zip Glove Box Door, Blue, few scratches and marks, nothing major, £10

    Suzuki Katana AY50, Lower right hand (under foot board) Panel, few marks but decent condition £10

    Suzuki Katana AY50 Battery Door Panel £10

    Suzuki Katana AY50 Belt Cover, complete with kickstart, kick start pawl and ratchet, working. Tatty, small crack at the very back edge £10

    Suzuki Katana AY50 Seat and Bucket, Blue and grey in colour, small wear marks to a couple of the edges as to be expected, but no rips or tears to the main seat area, needs a good clean, £20

    Suzuki Katana AY50 Full Loom and Clocks £20

    Technigas Trek chrome exhaust for Gilera Runner SP125 2 stroke with mounting bracket. You will need to buy the manifold stub with the spring to fit this. They are about £20 on ebay. Small scratch on the silencer, otherwise like new. £100

    Gilera runner Radiator with fan £15

    Pair (front and rear) Piaggio Zip wheels, £20

    Gilera Ice Forks, one fork seal leaking, easy fix, £25

    Gilera Runner 50 Front Forks, decent condition, still got the front mudguard mounts intact, no cracks. £25

    Brembo Front caliper and master cylinder, can't remember if it was off the runner or the ice, £15

    Gilera Ice front mudguard, minor damage to one mounting hole, otherwise good, £10

    Gilera Ice/Runner/Zip/NRG rear mudguard and number plate mounting, has been welded but is solid, needs a good tidy and painting, bottom lower side of mudguard has been mis-shaped, £10

    Gilera Ice upper floor trim panel (the bit that goes between the top of the floor at the front to the underside of the front fairing), all good and intact, £10

    Gilera Ice, wiring guard, the piece that fits under the main tube of the frame, intact, £10

    Gilera Runner 50, new shape 2010 onwards, seat and seat bucket, very small wear at the very rear edge of the cover, otherwise near perfect, needs a good clean due to the dust off my shelves, £25
    IMG_20170603_172545_1.jpg IMG_20170603_172649_1.jpg

    Piaggio Zip Speedo Cables, 4 available, (new), £5 each
  2. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

    MiNoR cOnFuSiOn Administrator Staff Member

    et2 monster
    any piaggio looms? where abouts are ya?
  3. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Hi minor, I'm in Birmingham, but away on jollies at the moment, currently in france touring on the bikes, back home on the 13th. I have a 125 gilera loom, cdi, and reg rec in the box at home.
  4. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

    MiNoR cOnFuSiOn Administrator Staff Member

    et2 monster
    all back now?
  5. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Yes mate, had a whale of a time:)
    What do you need?

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