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Discussion in 'Meet Ups / Events' started by scubabiker, Apr 2, 2016.

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    didnt really know where to post this, so i thought here, anyway, decided im gonna run a little sort if rental thing with my bikes, its only my own personal bikes so price is negotiable, i live on the west coast in the heart of the fjords, beautiful biking roads, lakes, mountains etc etc, the bikes will be either the cubs (choice of 50 and 110cc) or my bmw R100GS whatever floats your boat really, its not like im doing it as a business per se, just willing to rent out the bikes to people if they fancy a trip over here and want to explore a bit, can offer guided tours too i guess....
    anyone interested?
  2. scootzmadness

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    Ill PM you about this soon.
    As soon as I'm well enough, I wanna get my ass over there but cant see myself being able to actually ride all the way there.

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