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Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by SupaRox, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. SupaRox

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    Hey guys,

    I know there a loads of topics on bar conversions but i couldn't find one for Aeroxs', I apologise if i missed it.

    Any who, I was wondering what setup looks the best on these bikes? and also if anyone could give a list of parts that i will be needing?

    Thanks :)
  2. RelentlessDan

    RelentlessDan New Member

    stem, switches, bars, maybe a mirror mount if you need 2 mirrors

    ive heard tnt are shocking, jonny's stem cracked, so dont buy theyre stuff unless you want to be replacing it :p
  3. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    Str8 are your best bet. Never had any problems with them. Get some Koso clocks. There E-marked so will pass a M.O.T. You will need to get some front indicators too to mount in your pannels. Also you will want some switch gears. The stage 6 ones are good.
  4. jako-aerox-hawky

    jako-aerox-hawky New Member

    Aerox & Neo's
    Hi, i have recently done a bar conversion on my yamaha neo's and to be honest they look fantastic and really perform amazing!, i used red renthal fatbar which was £37 new and i used a black Str8 stem which was £20,it is ment for a aerox but did fit my neos by just pulling the pin out, also if you are going to do a bar conversion you are going to need new switches and speed'o, for the switches i used the Stage6 quick action throttle and switch kit which was around £50 and for the speed'o i used the mini Koso digital which was around £80 is really great as it has a blue illuminated display and it has all the things you want on it like speed'o(mph/kmh), rev counter, fuel display, oil display, temperature and so on... Basically it is your old one but alot smaller and more practical and also one of the best for bar conversions, altogether for a bar conversion you are looking at £150-£180.
    hope this helps.
    (I spent £187 on my bar conversion but thats using the best parts and also having it the way i want it, but the more you pay for something, the better quality it is.)
  5. Chubz

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    70cc Aerox 04'
    iv got a tnt stem and tnt handlebars, i had to hit the stem on with a hammer as the hole wasnt big enough to simply slide down the least i know it aint coming off anytime soon lol fitted the bars and it does look the nuts :) but expensive isnt ALWAYS best ;)

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