Aerox 04/ 50 headlight upgrade???

Discussion in 'Visual Modifications' started by fula28, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Happy new year folks, hope you had a good one!I have a aerox 2004 from neighbours grandson you can imagine whats going to be asked WHY!!!! F*&^ up and std nice uncrashed scoot well he did, stripped it christmas painted it purple Yuk and wrecked the wiring, WELL this i where i came in. fitted new lights LED, type on rear with built in indicators, You get the picture. And front is NEW tnt type!! HALOGEN with blue led side lights the aerox has four pin plug, which i cut off, and wanted to know if anyone has or had swaped to this type light any wiring, diagrams need relays? as i can sus @ the moment? any heads up. cheers doing my nut this one. cheer fula.
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    Well ive had my multi meter out and been scratching my head,with wiring issues and here is what ive found. These CHEAP twin headlights on the market Chinese type, have house hold spots(halogen) inside which are rated wildly different from 20 watts- 40 watts. Whilst a normal std headlamp would,nt make a heavy demand on the scooters wiring as they have two filaments inside one for main beem usually coiled type,and side lamp filament, these are switched between the two filaments via three wires on the switch .
    The new ones only have one filament inside the bulb which s not switchable, so no real dip beem, How there wired also is important.
    The aerox type which turns out is supplied from the alternator direct !!! I tryed to wire the spots (headlights) with normal relays and seperate earths and direct feed form battery like you do on car spots or foglights.
    Oh No can,t do that as thing is A.C like a house or generator? SO regular relays just won,t work. So what i did was :rolleyes:

    wired the aerox black,(side light) blue+(side light) -.
    (Headlights)+ yellow (Headlights) - Now you will have no real dip beam due to single filament halogen bulb, But You can split the LH beam with silver foil tape, inside mind behind the lense,
    This will reduce the beam and give a (type) of reduction in light, NOT REALLY LEAGAL
    bUT THese lights are WHAT LADS want, lol
    I have each spot (headlight) wired so that one is on @ a time. I.e single so when you go to high beam ,the fully open RH headlight it give full beam. and the spilt beam LH one will emit less light. This could be changed to both on @ same time by wiring both+ pos side of headlights to each other so both beams are on all time but then you have no switch over to separete the lights, @ least if its wired separatly you can switch between the two. :confused:cratch:
    The LED side lights work in same usual way and are also wired into the same connectors as headlight supply.
    This is what i have done this week and i am not responsable,for you maki ng mess of you loom or frying your alternator so if you not sure DO NOT DO THIS get a auto electrician or qualified electrician to have a pop. or

    Cheer fula.
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    the halogen bulb is rated at 24v to save you blowing the bulbs all the time. peds work on 12v so it will only be putting out 20w not 40w. i run mine all day off the engine with both beams and it is fine

    and its not really a good idea to chop up the standard wires seeing as it wont LEGALLY pass its next mot with halogen lights..

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