Advice needed Re Parts for: 2005 Piaggio Vespa 50cc ET2

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by AndrewGradin, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. AndrewGradin

    AndrewGradin New Member

    Hello everyone, I shall attempt to repair a 2005 Piaggio Vespa 50cc ET2 and I am in dire need of advice on which parts/part sizes I need to buy.
    It is my neighbours scooter and both he and I are completely un-knowledgable re repairing Scooters.
    The info I have received on the scooter from and according to its owner is:

    It is Un-Restricted.
    It has never been serviced.
    It runs and reaches 50 after that it loses power.
    He tells me that the cylinder was bored to 80mm.(whatever that means).

    I now need to know:
    1) Which size of Variator Rollers I need.
    2) Which Belt.
    3) Which Oil pump Belt.
    4) Which size of carburetor Needle I need.

    Grateful for any advice, help and suggestions offered.

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