'93 Zip from 50 to 70cc build

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Which one?

  1. Black Trophy 70cc

  2. Dr Evo 70

  3. Malossi Iron Cast 70cc

  4. Polini Sport 70cc

  5. Fuck all those options mate, go balls deep on Alu kit like Mk2 Sport Pro!

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  1. DavidN88

    DavidN88 New Member

    My old fella, is having a hard time, because is lacking compression and I guess it's time to show her some love.

    Honestly I've been addicted to the 2T since I was a kid, and never made a project before because this Zip actually was my first 2T motorcycle/scooter.

    So, considering that I use it for different purposes when the weather allows it, I don't consider going balls deep with this, because I want this to be fast, but reliable. Already made some researches and I've a setup in mind and I'll share with you.

    Feel free to give any tips so we can have a brainstorm here.

    -Top Performances Black Trophy 70cc / DR Evo 70cc (Street6 MKII Sport Pro would be so nice, but I guess isn't reliable as the Black Trophy or the DR Evo, even considering that would give me a lot more performance?)
    -Polini CP 19 (Jet ?)
    -Yasuni R
    -Jasil Hi Tech crankshaft
    -Polini C4 reinforced bearings and seals
    -Malossi yellow clutch springs
    -Torque spring?
    -Rollers ?

    The clutch is stock, so I don't know if it's worth to fully upgrade it, or just upgrade the springs.
    The variator could be up-gradable as well, but I don't know it's worth or even what to pick up in case of being necessary.
    Considering the above list, what are your thoughts about it? It will ride fast, reliable and will make power wheelies? [​IMG]
    I know that I could go for a Aluminum Kit, because they are faster and have higher rev's, but I'm afraid that they don't last as much as an Iron Cast kit, and probably they will need much more maintenance.

    Well, that's it lads, As I said, feel free to give some tips.

    Thanks in advance,

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