50 cc Jog rr with stage 6 replica pipe setup

Discussion in 'Newbie Scooter Tuning' started by Pete_dorito, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Pete_dorito

    Pete_dorito New Member

    Nothing as yet.....
    I recently bought my jog rr, which is derestricted but other than that its standard.
    The previous owner fitted 3.5g rollers and a technigas qtre exhaust. Performance was pretty good, 55ish top end, although I would have liked a bit more bottom to midrange power to cope with the hills around where i live!
    Anyway, i hated the exhaust. It looked shit with its fake blueish colouring and it sounded awful.
    A stage 6 replica pipe came up for sale locally for £40 so i bought it and fitted it today.

    Looks cool, sounds nice, but now it needs tuning, and although i have an engineering background, i dont know a lot about 2 strokes/variators etc.

    Scoot now pulls off very slowly, gets a strong surge of power midrange and will get off the clock speed on flat. It doesnt overrev at all like ive read in other forums.

    Problem is, throw a slight incline in the mix and it never hits the revs to get to that mid range power band.

    I believe i need to do something to keep the revs higher before the variator engages - even lighter rollers? Different clutch spring?
    Also, before i fitted it i thought i would need to increase the jet size, but it seems rich (certainly at low revs) rather than lean......

    One more thing to add is that ive bought a red mallossi replacement filter element, but not fitted yet. Would this make much difference to setup or not? Oh, and i weigh over 100kg.

    I realise getting scoots set up is a lot of trial and error, but im looking for any kind of advice on areas of where to start.

    Thanks in advance
  2. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Try lighter rollers? Or softer clutch springs?
  3. 1nsane

    1nsane New Member

    You could try lighter rollers but replacing the pulleyspring in the back is a good idea as well, especially if already on 3,5 gram ones.

    Softer clutch springs is BS. You should rather go for one step stronger.
  4. Sam phantom

    Sam phantom Active Member

    Get the mollossi mulitivar variator, will solve all your problems! and will keep the power in the power band

    It comes with 7gram rollers and I’ve not looked back since getting mine... max power is there from pulling away mid range and top speed

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