2011 SH300i ABS light going crazy!

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Rattus_46, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Rattus_46

    Rattus_46 New Member

    hey all

    my SH300 ABS light has revently started flashing when it should have turned off on getting moving.
    it was intermitten, so the ABS was cutting in and out, no its contantly flashing! or it stays on?

    i have taken the front sensor out cleaned put back in, no joy:(..just replaced my rear pads so cleaned everything up whle i had exhaust off etc..still no joy:mad:

    looking at google pics of SH300's, i noticed they have a metal wire guard that routes the hoses and ABS cable.

    mine doesnt have this!? it look liek it may have been cut /broekn and re connected as its been cable tied and re sleeved.:eek:

    im reluctant to undo it or open it up, whats the chances thats the culprit??:rolleyes:

    doesnt seem to be a common SH problem, as cant find much searching.

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