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sorry to everyone leaving messages here, i dont check it often atall.... i would leave my phone number up but kids will be kids. fb/pm me May 30, 2014

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Jul 30, 2020
    1. Youngrider
      Hi I have a Peugeot vox 110cc I was wondering if anybody knew of any upgrades I could do to the bike an what ignition it originally has cause I have bought one an it got stolen on me I have ordered a new starter motor an everything else needed but I’m not 100% on what ignition it needs help please ?
    2. Callum Tomlinson
      Callum Tomlinson
      Hi i need help with my piaggio zip 50cc i have to rev it high for it to set of do u know why that is
    3. Suzukistreetmagic1
    4. John Kime
      John Kime
      need help with diagnostic issue on a 03 peugeot jet force 125. the yellow k flash on the instrument panel, engine idles at 3500 rpms and wont excellorate past 4500 rpms. is a shop manual available for this scooter?
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    5. type 'O' positive
      type 'O' positive
      when u chamfer your ports, do spend much time on the vertical bits?
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    6. Jabyboz135
      hello any chance that you could advice me on what power pipe to to get i have a completely standard yamaha aerox, 2017 model, but don't know what kits to get to optimise power and cost
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      2. Youngrider
        Hi mate I used to have an aerox an I put a 70s mollosi kit stages six belts clutch clutch spring just pretty much everything u can stage up an I put a technigas sports exhaust n pipe
        May 5, 2020
    7. Sammyb87
      Hello any chance u could help me with my issue of bogging on full throttle? I'm also from Stroud and could come to you if possible ☺️
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    8. Typhoon2112
      Hello. I have a piaggio typhoom 2t with malossi everything however recently i took of my 70cc kit and my piston rings were worn and u put new ones and assembled it and now my bike wont start. It started for about 4 seconds then cut out and now it wont start. can some1 please help me thanks
    9. Brisatrials
      Hello. Can I post you a Honda x8r cdi to de restrict? I have changed everything else and it will sit around 45mph on the factory limiter.
    10. Kvh
      Hello. I have a piaggio typhoon 125cc 2T

      With :
      Malossi kit
      Malossi gear
      Malossi variator
      Standard 180 exhaust
      And 25 carb

      What is the best ( color ) clutch springs to use for this setup ?
      ( for drag race ) / everyday ride

      Hope to see a response ASAP!
      1. Ben Dover
        Ben Dover
        Most seem to recommend green malossi. I personally just put greens in, and would have liked a stiffer one gripping later.
        Nov 30, 2017
    11. Harry watson
      Harry watson
      Hello can someone help me please my nrg power aint driving right when it get to top speed it laggs abit it sound like it over rev like when u put cluth in on 2 stroke crosser and rev it as much as you can any info in advance is much apreciated
    12. LanceJnr44
      I'm ready to build the typhoon up again mate I'll bring the engine parts over to you if your up for doing it.. Gonna get it all cleaned up and painted then I'll be over.. Lost your number can you message me privately and I'll ring you asap.. Not sure how to message on here.
    13. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn
      MiNoR cOnFuSiOn
      sorry to everyone leaving messages here, i dont check it often atall.... i would leave my phone number up but kids will be kids. fb/pm me
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      2. Suzukistreetmagic1
        Check my thread please mate
        Sep 24, 2019
    14. scollopchomper
      Just bought a typhoon 125/172.
      Would like it checking over/setting up. Obviously a paid job not after a freebie.
    15. riggstq1
      Hi there just need to get a qoute on some work i need doing, maybe you could reply via email then i can give you my number if needed etc, my email is gbriggsrt2k@live.co.uk
    16. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn
      MiNoR cOnFuSiOn
      i come on verry little these days... ask via pm for my number if its about work. if not dont pm me. anything you can ask is on the board
    17. 2wheel.tarmac.terroist
    18. bashyy21
      Hi minor just a quick question I see on a post your have said the pm59 squeezes onto the sr 125 is this just with fan cover being modified, io will there need exhaust being cut?
    19. Nathanael
      sorry for abruptness of last message,fecking 420 character limit. It WAS detailed and polite before I had to trim it.
    20. Nathanael
      Hi I need sr125 engine out to replace mounts.could clear things up for me? thansk. Im Nathanael, 07919001358
      I have removed the carb, rear shock,and exhaust.
      The bolts that go into the large silent blocks have been removed.
      The cradle bolt that holds engine to frame has been removed.
      engine now free and unattached but stand is in the way.
      Does stand have to be removed to get the engine?
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