Your reasons for owning a scooter?

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by tErr0, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. tErr0

    tErr0 Administrator Staff Member

    Title really says it all.

    At 16 i couldn't ride anything else so of course i had a scooter. Now it's because they are cheap! Oh and because there really is no point in having a car if you live in London.
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  2. area51dude

    area51dude Member

    Nrg mc3 70cc
    I love cars and me and my dad had a ped on holiday in greece... It was a 70cc speedfight 2 ( like what i have now) and i loved it... My dad even managed to wheelie it by accident :D :cool: ...

    So when i got back i looked in the autotrader and brought one :cool: :D
  3. Ciaran

    Ciaran Active Member

    Because i couldnt be assed with a classic scooter at 16.

    Then found a runner 125SP for ?50 after i bought the ICE.

    Currently looking at getting an SV650S K3 lol
  4. billy-boy

    billy-boy New Member

    to do up for wen im 16 :D :cool:
  5. px166bajaj

    px166bajaj Active Member

    Cos I've loved them since I was a kid. I love the old ones and the new ones, I love the simplicity, and the convenience of just getting on and razzing off into town. I love the riding in bunches and the smell of two-stroke on a summers day at the seaside.

    Best of all is the anticipation leading up to a Rally or Rideout :cool:
  6. tweak

    tweak Member

    Scooters can really use the roads properly and it's possible to beat larger bikes too, especially around town. I just love the agility and suprise caused by the acceleration to bikers and mostly boy racers. I also have a car and hate the town drive in it as it is constant stop/start and parking is a nightmare. Started at 16 owning a scooter and will continue to do so. :beer:
  7. wobbly_trials

    wobbly_trials Active Member

    RD350, SR125, ICE125
    ... because i'm a lazy fuck and cant be arsed to change gear!!!

    seriously though,i just like the idea of an auto bike, easy to ride manouverable and funny as fuck when you overtake the rs50 posse.

    started with scooter at 17 after sucessfully killing my derbi senda 50 at 16. the area51 was my first scoot on the road, on my 17th birthday (the day my insurance ran out on the senda). since then i have done around 16000 miles on it and loved every second. Passed my bike test in june, ran an rs125 alongside the area51 for a fewmonths then flogged it because i prefer my scooters and classics. I'm just waiting for the day i get pulled over for having no L plates on a scooter!!!
  8. Ciaran

    Ciaran Active Member


    What he said, a rideout with a group of guys you hardly know is great too :)
  9. MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

    MiNoR cOnFuSiOn Administrator Staff Member

    et2 monster
    i hated them till i rode a typh125.. was astonded with the simplicity and wheely ease. a scooter makes you smile in a way a bike will never manage
  10. px166bajaj

    px166bajaj Active Member


    ...Or a Ceeeaaar :p:
  11. Ciaran

    Ciaran Active Member


    one of those 4 wheel things that stupid blind assholes use as a mode of transport?

    Yeah fuck that shit.

    Cars are for people with wives lol
  12. jacksp

    jacksp New Member

    well when i was 16 it was because it was all i could get, but what mostly made me want/get one was when i used to walk to school and see some of my mates ride past (and was thinking....why the fuck am i walking?) :drool: and just loved the thought of being able to ride it everywhere and whenever i wanted. :ped:

    and finally not get back on them dam BUSES! :bird:

    and now have a 125 because i wanted a faster scooter :w00t:

    and to be honest im not really into cars much at all....they just dont interest me,

    oh ye and the insurance cost takes the right piss ....

    so hopefully ill get my a2 restricted test out the way and get a supermoto of some sort( just love them bikes, and the sound :drool: )
  13. bEN

    bEN Active Member

    Ducati 848
    Well when i was 16 like the rest of my friends i got a ped, my first bike was a mbk ovetto aka yammy neos.

    then i got a speedfight which was a fixer upper for 100 quid, and the first thing i bought was the 120 kit so that got me into the basic simple scooter tuning.

    Now i love the idea i have a bike ( when it works ) that wastes all my mates cars, suprises no end of people and is fun and easy to wheelie all day.

    I do like the simplicity but the quality and design of some peds is just disgusting but anyway, yeah i like them because there more fun than a car and the fact you can get them to do stupid speeds! :w00t:
  14. splintg

    splintg New Member


    i have also sv650 but its more fun to ride somtimes on a scooter the wheely and stuff
  15. gazell

    gazell Active Member

    i wanted to be on the road at 16 so i brought a honda x8rx...soon got fed up with the shit speed of 35mph de-restricted so i sold it to my mate and brought a gilera dna50

    well i got 6 points of my dna and sold insurance is too much so i had three choices...stick to walkin get a car or a ped...i had a choice a vespa or a runner i went for the runner (still have plans to get a vespa) i will never leave the scooter scene
  16. George

    George New Member

    I started wanting to ride one at 14, obsessed about them, joined forums etc, finally got a Runner at 16, loved it, still do. I wanted to try a geared bike, hence the CBR 125, but i hope to go back to scootering sometime on a 125, when i have the money and stability to afford the two. Bike wise, i dont really want to go above a 250cc, although i probably will.

    Thats my story :ped:
  17. abz

    abz Member

    when eva i need a ride i go 4 peds der easy to nick :D

  18. monty9120

    monty9120 Active Member

    Vespa gts300
    all my mates got peds at 16. i brought a car when i was 16. my mates wissing round at lunchtimes while i was doing up my car so it was perfect for me.

    got to my 17th birthday and realised i couldnt afford the car insurance. i had money saved up but no where near enough. i sold it and brought a ped because i wanted some transport and to get out of the house really.

    so i brought a speedfight 50cc air cooled 02 plate. for my first bike it was quite good and i loved it until i crashed it. i didnt want anymorefrom a ped i really liked this bike. it had a weird vibrating noise at around 30 after the crash. i had every bearing changed on the bike because i didnt want to part with it. in the end i cut my loses and sold it. i then brought a runner 125sp which was pretty cool.

    my mate really wanted it so i sold it to him for ?900 and an 02 nrg. he crashed it in the first day but thats another story.

    brought a speedfight 100 as a project ended up riding around onit because i sold the runner.

    did many many miles on this bike. it went everywhere with me.

    i now have a mint red runner that im looking to 172 after feb when i come back off holiday.

    i go through so many bikes :w00t:
  19. Rizla Rhys

    Rizla Rhys New Member

    got one when i was 16 then realised how much u can tune them how fast they go and how much fun you can have pising your neighbours off wheeling with an open filter and race pipe lmao!
  20. TangoSR

    TangoSR New Member

    reason for owning a scooter?

    At first it was just to get to work on 50cc, then after going to a local rally for the weekend soon developed wanting something a little faster and different, my SR, then hubby got his 180 dragster, so I made the scooter even faster , cos I got sick and tired of him leaving me behind on my 125cc :w00t: Now I just love the whole scooter scene, and also doing my SR up ;)

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