Yamaha Aerox main jet size

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by McLiro, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. McLiro

    McLiro New Member

    I recently purchased a new 16mm carburetor for my 50cc 2-stroke Yamaha Aerox and I need to change the main jet.

    I'm very new to tuning the carburetor and I am looking for help picking the correct size.

    The carburetor is 16mm, I have an aftermarket exhaust and air filter.

    What do you guys estimate the right size of the main jet to be?
  2. Rickard Pingol

    Rickard Pingol Active Member

    I dont remember which sits as original. And you might step it up a few sizes. Now be smart and buy a kit with a range of jets. So you can fine tune the shit out it. Maybe some sweet soul here can help out were within the range you should buy your kit
  3. MARSH

    MARSH Whooooo!

    Piaggio Typhoon
    Start big and work down until it's right.
  4. Bade88

    Bade88 New Member

    Hi ive got a 2000 plate aerox 50 struggling to find the standard main jet size, the bike sat for 3 months so i stripped the carb for a clean and noticed the main jet is 95,the only upgrade the bike has is a technigas sports pipe (i didnt fit it came with the bike) the bike runs perfect cold but once warms up is real boggy, can anyone share the wisdom or point me in the right direction to find the correct stock jet size
  5. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Depends what carb is on there. Standard 15mm or 17.5mm dellorto, or something else.
    Standard airbox or foam aftermarket?
  6. Bade88

    Bade88 New Member

    Pretty sure mines the 12mm dellorto with standard airbox
  7. Suzukistreetmagic1

    Suzukistreetmagic1 Member

    Did you fix your problem

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