Xiaomi m365 won’t drive

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Doug G, Jul 1, 2022.

  1. Doug G

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    I’m trying to fix my granddaughters Xiaomi 365pro scooter. I purchased and installed a new motor controller and dashboard kit but am still encountering a problem.
    When I switch on I press the throttle and the wheel just judders and everything switches off. I have to leave it for a few minutes before it will switch on again.
    If I spin the wheel manually the mph shows correspondingly.
    If I disconnect the 3 coloured motor wires and reconnect them in a different order G-G Y-B B-Y the wheel runs continuously until I increase power or put any load against the wheel, then it all shuts down again.
    When I first switch on for an instant the first of 5 lights on the dashboard is red instead of white.
    I have tested the battery and it reads 42v.
    When I switch on using Throttle, brake and power a code appears in the mph digits of 9E which may well be 36 upside down.
    If anyone has any advice I would be most grateful.
    Thankyou in advance.
    I will hopefully now add some pictures to demonstrate

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  2. Mark Emerson Trentham

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    NSC110/ ET2.
    May take time for you to get any relevant answers Doug,this site was created for petrol engined scooters.;).

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