Which 70cc kit is best for my dragster ?

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    Italjet Dragster 70
    after stripping down my engine a few weeks back the piston is knackard and has scored the barrel. Now the age olde question lies as to what 70cc kit is best with a standard 10mm crank ?. I was thinking either stage 6 or malossi. Im more swayed towards malossi as it can apparantly with the right setup it can get upto 14bhp ( think of all the power ). Its not a daily more of a show / light use bike once its complete. But dont want a engine that has been built by someone else as its no fun that way. As its the thrill of the chase and problem solving aspect of it i thrive upon. But with that then then upgradeing of the gears ( primary ) with stock secondary. Upgraded cluch / bell / variator / rollers / belt / clutch spring / exhaust / upjetting the 19.5mm carb instead of the normal 17.5mm ) - think i covered it all to handle the power - yes i do know what i am doing :)

    Any help / opinions would be helpful :)
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