too much power for stock parts

Discussion in 'Videos' started by scubabiker, Mar 19, 2015.

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    just stumbled across this
    anyone had a similar experience?
    years ago (when i was 18) i had a runner vx125 with a load of tuning parts, top speed of 90mph (clock speed) anyway, i was coming along the a47 in peterborough and turned off the slip road down to the roundabout to the nene parkway (back before it had a filter lane) and suddenly the back wheel locked up. so i skidded down the sliproad and onto the parkway and managed to slide onto the grass verge.... got the bike home and my vario (malossi) had exploded, the rollers where a melted goop (pm tuning ones) looked like it had got really hot and the inner metal thing of the rollers had come loose at the high RPM. it cracked the oil pump cover too which I only found out after i started it again after fitting all the new parts (ever got engine oil on a belt? it takes AGES to clean off!)
    im expecting steve has a similar story....
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    Nope, never had anything explode like that...................yet!
    Had parts destroy themselves, like the brand new vario on the V-clic, but that was just poor quality parts.

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