Stage 6 street exhaust

Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by James zip, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. James zip

    James zip New Member

    Hi I am thinking of buying a stage 6 street exhaust as I’m only 16 and am not allowed allowed a sports exhaust as it derestricts the ped and increases the speed I currently have a stage6 pro rep exhaust and have been stopped about it before I was wondering if any one has it and knows if you can get away with it by saying it’s a standard since that’s what it looks like
  2. milo2025

    milo2025 Member

    Greetings again James, you might get away with it if you're feeling lucky, but I wouldn't risk it for a biscuit :D
  3. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Silent pro.
    Looks standard, sounds standard, gives a good power increase.

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