Speedshite 50cc with 100cc engine

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ryanthespeedshiteowner, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Hi i have a speedfight 2 was a 50cc up to today bought it as a project only needed imobalizer(aci100)bypass. I put a speedfight 100cc engine in today and it fired up with standard 50cc coil and plug,
    But it wasn't staying running and backfiring I know there is two types of immobilisers the aci100 and another one with separate cdi units. It seems to be sparking at the wrong time and seems to have blew my 50cc spark plug could it be just a simple fix of getting a 100cc spark plug really don't have a clue here guys.... any help will be greatly appreciated :)
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    the 50cc cdi has a different timing advance compared to the 100cc.

    problem here is your combusting the fuel at the wrong time with a 50cc cdi unit its retarded combustion hence the backfire and not staying running.
    Best possible fix, installing the 100cc cdi unit so the motor gets the correct timing signal that will cut out the backfire and poor running ;)

    check online what sparkplug the 100cc uses and get one , you may find the 50cc uses a slightly differnet spark plug so that also has some down factors
  3. Ryanthespeedshiteowner

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    Sorted it now problem was carb and reads and possibly stator coil thanks for the help ;)

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