Speedfight 3 50cc AC Problems.

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Ron-E.T, Apr 22, 2021.

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    Okay so I have recently bought a speedfight 3, only for traveling to and from work. I bought it knowing that the bike was slow to take off. Which I thought of the obvious Rollers, Belt, Clutch Exhaust. Which all seem to be in good nick. And that the electric start didn't like to get the bike running. But instead of getting to the bottom of the slow pull I just carried on with riding it until it gave up the ghost pretty much.

    As I was riding it, it cut out and the oil light started flashing, so I've done the basics with oil pump, and it had an air bubble in. But since the soft seize(?) It just won't start. After a few kicks it was giving a little splutter, so gave the carb a bit of a service clean. Put it all back together, but still after a few kicks, get a little splutter.

    Now after a bit more of a dig around on this forum, youtube, and a few places, I've come to the conclusion that it sounds like it could be a piston/piston ring problem. Damaged rings from what I've read can lead to a slow pull off, and the soft seize could have caused more damage, but there doesn't really seem to be any difference in the compression from the kick before the soft seize and after the soft seize.

    So my question is, before I go taking the engine to bits even further and checking the piston, is there any other simple things I could try? I would just take it somewhere to get fixed, but I believe we're all in the same covid boat with lack of funds, and barely any working hours. So learning the 'mechanics' as I go along here as it's the cheapest possible way.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes time out their day to read this and try to help. And it will be highly appreciated.

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    If it splutters, have you tried a little easy start in the air box as you try to start her?

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