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Discussion in 'Scooter Tuning' started by phil.s, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. phil.s

    phil.s Active Member

    a thread for your setup to make it easyer for new members to set up there ped without the same old threads over and over.
    Only reply if you ped is set up and working fine.Also put in any other bikes you have had in the past and there set up if you can remember it.

    just copy and paste the list and fill it in no need to go into what variator and clutches or belts your using just keep it as a basic set up for peaple to have a quick look at.

    only reply with your details use the other sections to ask questions
    also if your running a open filter but know what jet it used with the air box put that in brackets aswell as it all helps

    Make/Model - nrg power dt 2007

    CC - 50cc (standard barrel)

    Exhaust - leo vince zx

    Rollers - 5.5 gram (19x15.5) (standard are 6.5g)

    Fuel Jet - 62 main (6mm dellorto jets/17.5mm carb) (standard jet was a 53)

    Air filter - standard air box

    clutch springs - standard

  2. Jonnymarrw00t

    Jonnymarrw00t Moderator Staff Member

    Piaggio Zip 05 plate
    Piaggio Zip Air Cooled 2005 plate
    CC - 70cc Polini Sport/Polished exhaust port
    Exhaust - Leo-Vince TT
    Rollers - 6.1 Gram Malossi rollers
    Fuel Jet - 118 6mm
    Carb - dellorto 17.5mm carb
    Air filter Polini Short open filter
    Blue Leo-Vince TT springs (Medium strength)

    Piaggio Zip Air Cooled 2005
    CC - 50cc standard kit with polished exhaust port
    Exhaust - Leo-Vince TT
    Rollers - 5.5 gram malossi rollers
    Fuel Jet - 63 6mm Dellorto
    Carb - 17.5mm Dellorto
    Blue Leo Vince TT springs (Medium)

    Piaggio Zip Air cooled 2005
    CC - 50cc standard
    Exhaust - Yasuni Z
    Rollers 5 gram malossi rollers
    Fuel Jet - 67 6mm Dellorto
    Carb - 17.5mm Dellorto
    White Malossi Springs (Malossi fly clutch)

    Peugeot Speedfight 2 Air Cooled 2004

    CC - 50cc with Doppler head
    Exhaust - Leo-Vince Zx
    Rollers - 7 gram Leo-Vince rollers
    Fuel Jet - 83 5mm Gutner jet
    Carb - 13mm Gutner
    Clutch - Leo-Vince Red Springs
  3. OllieTGBR50X

    OllieTGBR50X Member

    TGB R50X
    i did it wrong
  4. phil.s

    phil.s Active Member

    dont think you got the right idea bud the thread was intended for any mods done and how its set up to make it easyer for peaple as all peaple seem to as is what jet do i need or what rollers
  5. JerseyJim

    JerseyJim Member

    '99 Zip RST
    '99 Piaggio Zip RST AC
    Athena HP 70 kit, 0.7mm squish,
    YSN PHBG 17.5mm carb, Pipercross open filter 98 main jet,
    Polini straight manifold,
    Malossi carbon reeds,
    Leo Vince TT,
    Technix 'race' adjustable kevlar clutch,
    Malossi red (heavy) clutch springs,
    Stage6 'winged' clutch bell,
    26kg torsion spring,
    Polini Kevlar belt,
    Standard variator, 3x 7.5g 3x 5.5g (alternate) 19x15.5 rollers,
    Athena free rev CDI.

    Top racing +25% up gear kit coming soon and converting to 21mm Dellorto as well, also LV ZX to replace TT...
  6. Nathanael

    Nathanael Active Member

    shaame to see this thread disappear

    Piaggio Zip SP 50
    Stage6 sport pro 70
    Stage 6 pro rep exhaust
    Carb, dellorto 17.5
    76main jet
    a7 needle, second clip from top
    4g rollers
    polini green clutch springs (5000rpm) engagement
  7. NRG2002

    NRG2002 Member

    Very handy thread gives people a starting point at what they should be looking with regards to rollers and jets,they can then have a play around and fine tune their ped to their liking
  8. NRG2002

    NRG2002 Member

    Got to be fair this deserves a bump,will post my setup when im happy with it but im not atm, it gives the new people a starting point instead of having to buy 20 sets of jets and 10 sets of rollers and many hours chasing their tail.
    We all know different setups vary
    We just want a starting point to give us a rough idea what to work around,no point in buying a 46 jet when you need a 96 jet or are going to,this thread is just to save people some money
    you only have to look at the views on this thread to see how important to people it is
  9. Nathanael

    Nathanael Active Member

    Piaggio Zip SP 50
    Stage6 HPC Crank
    Stage6 MKII Racing 70
    Stage6 R1200
    Dellorto PHBG 21mm : 92main jet, 45 pilot jet,W7 needle second clip from top.
    Stage6 open foam air filter
    Doppler Inner Rotor - ignition timing set as per instructions.
    Stage6 MKII Torque Control Clutch - Red (stiffest springs) 1 weight on each clutch shoe closest to pivot point. Spring Preload adjusted half way.
    Stage6 Sport pro variator- 5.25g weights.
    Stage6 Medium Contra spring.
    17stone rider

    *** On this variator the best full throttle performance was obtained with 5.75g rollers. However it was a dog on part throttle openings and would take a second or 2 to spool up into the powerband when throttle was applied. 5.5g rollers was a slight improvement.
    5.25g rollers a slight reduction in full throttle performance as revving past peak power. However this weight keeps it more or less in the powerband at all times for instand pickup and go when you hit the throttle.

    I believe the only way to improve the transmission at this stage would be with an overrange setup to hold the revs in a much narrower band regardless of throttle position.That way correct full throttle performance can be obtained without sacrificing pickup and initil acceleration. Alternately a less powerful exhaust system with a wider powerband may suit better.

    **A lighter rider could probably run the same clutch settings only without the added preload on the springs.
  10. turbovetto

    turbovetto Well-Known Member

    tweaked ovetto
    Brilliant thread. Will post on here later- with airbox intake dimensions. They dictate jetting.
  11. deejay hall

    deejay hall New Member

  12. Nathanael

    Nathanael Active Member

  13. Stevep

    Stevep Well-Known Member

    Piaggio Zip 02 plate

    PM Tuning Aluminium X-Tech 70cc top end including head
    Malossi Multivar 2000 variator with 4.59gr pm tuning rollers.
    Doppler Full circle crank with C3 high speed bearings
    21mm carb with 86 main jet
    Standard airbox with open type sponge filter
    Malossi Team exhaust
    Athena Kevlar belt
    Malossi 15/37 gear up
    Quick action throttle
    Carbon Reed Petals
    Scooter Assassins adjustable clutch
  14. deejay hall

    deejay hall New Member

    Gilera DNA 2004

    Stage 6 sport pro kit mk2 with ngk br9es
    Motoforce evo crank full circle
    Stage 6 bearings
    Polini variator with 5.0 gram rollers
    Polini drive belt
    Carb 17.5 with 88 main jet
    Standard box with pedmoto filter
    Doppler inner rotor kit set to 1.5bdtc
    360 intake manifold with carbon fibre reeds
    Stage 6 clutch bell with standard clutch n springs
    Stage 6 quick action throttle
  15. Nathanael

    Nathanael Active Member

    Piaggio Zip SP
    stage6 streetrace 70
    derestricted standard exhaust
    72 main jet
    40 pilot jet
    7.2g rollers
  16. Pnut70

    Pnut70 Member

    Zip sp
    Piaggio Zip sp lc
    Malossi Sport 70cc
    Stage6 pro rep (derestricted)
    Original airbox (Derestricted)
    Malossi double filter
    5.5g rollers
    Green Polini springs
    Found this to work fine no seizures no problems
  17. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Honda Cub.

    Swap the 90cc for a zongshen 190.
    Smoke the rear tyre..
    Wheelie in 3rd at 50mph....
  18. scubabiker

    scubabiker NITROJUNKIE

    Tomos A35

    70cc cylinder (airsal)
    High comp head
    21mm dellorto
    Techno bullet pipe.
    Port match the kit and make a gasket from 0.4mm paper.
    Good for about 6hp

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